The Source

The Process

Before bottling our water is filtered, then subjected to UV light and finally ozonated to ensure the quality is maintained. Samples are taken daily for onsite bacterial testing and weekly to an UKAS accredited external laboratory.

Our bottling equipment is provided by R.Bardi and is capable of 1250 bottles per hour making it the fastest in the UK for 5 gallon bottles.

Bottles are manually inspected, automatically sniffed and leak tested before being washed. The design of the plant means that bottles are filled immediately after washing in an enclosed cabinet surrounded by Hepa-filtered air. Each bottle cap is inkjet coded with the time of filling, a sequential bottle number, batchcode number, Best Before Date, and a Production Run number, giving us full tracability information of our product.

Finally the bottles are placed into 24 / 32 metal transport racks by our friendly robot ‘Robby’

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