The Source

Fillongley Spring Water is drawn from a 90 meter deep underground aquifer and our state of the art bottling centre is located in beautiful rural Warwickshire with all water bottled at source.

A new borehole was sunk in 2007 after 2 years of analysis which included a pilot borehole to ascertain the depth required to achieve the best quality water from the underlying rock strata. This analysis and subsequent construction of our borehole was carried out by Zenith International Ltd in consultation with the Environment Agency, which resulted in an abstraction licence being granted for 209 million litres of quality water per annum.
The borehole construction is all of high grade stainless steel, protected from surface contamination and is housed in a secure building adjacent to our bottling hall.

Having an on-site borehole negates the requirement for any transportation of water by road tankers.

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